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The Art of Tofuism

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Going tahu crazy in Medan [Aug. 21st, 2007|05:29 pm]
The Art of Tofuism
Nias Island is a relatively remote part of Indonesia and so there are some food items that you won't find here. Tofu is not made locally, so it comes from mainland Sumatera on an overnight ferry.

This means you have to be at the market at the right time to get it while it is fresh - no fridges at the market! Vasco and I have had some bad experiences with off tofu, so we have not eaten it for a while.

So when we were recently in Medan in Sumatera, we went a little silly and stocked up on tofu. We brought it home on the plane in our little esky bag.

A tidy little stock pile.

Usually, when expats head off to the mainland or somewhere they come back with wine, cheese, olives, or maybe pizza and donuts. Not us. We stock up on tofu. Now that is tofuism, Nias-style.

A couple of nights ago we got stuck into the tahu telur, the custardy egg tofu in the long tube. Vasco fried it up along with some bewdiful veggies - we can't get broccoli or capsicum here, either, so these are also from Medan - and served it with bubur jagung, rice porridge with sweet corn.

Rare veggies, as in hard to get.